Tree of Life

A withered tree against a bleak backdrop.

The tree of life withers and decays, as the light in the distance fades away.

She watches her last sunset, standing in silence.

Tired of all life’s chaos and violence.

The darkness moves in, consuming the land.

Followed by Death extending his hand.

Frost forms on her bark which is scarred and old.

Battered and beaten from the unrelenting cold.

Through her branches, a gentle breeze blows.

As this day now comes to a close.

Without hesitation, she takes Death’s hand.

Together they turn to leave this land.

Leaving behind the chaos and violence.

They walk hand in hand, in complete silence.

The life in the tree has faded away; her hollow husk now stands withered, and decayed.

Author’s Note:

At the time of writing this, I had the idea of this being the moment that hope, or even love dies in someone’s heart leaving a “hollowed husk” behind.  It can be interpreted in a number of ways.

What’s your take, or interpretation?  Feel free to comment below.


Author: mynameisdespair


19 thoughts on “Tree of Life”

  1. I have a slight obsession with dead tree’s so my thought process was that of the tree shedding for winter. Although tree’s do not become alive once dead, they still stand strong with a beauty similar to dignity.

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  2. The first thing that came to mind after reading this was that there was a feeling of defeat and hopelessness…the realization of having to let go and move forward…wanting to leave the emptiness behind yet at the same time knowing a part of that emptiness would always remain. Nice writing!

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  3. A great poem. Desolate. I had a very visceral reaction. My heart said noooooo. It’s the tree of LIFE FFS. But the head, it understands the impossibility of the situation (the environmental destruction and the rampant inhumanity) and fear the inevitable consequence. Your poem conveyed all this and more. But I don’t accept it. As a mother I can’t give up.

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