The Ocean

Waves on a shore.

The ocean calls to me:


“Forget the land behind you.

Forget the pain and misery.

Come to me,

And I’ll set you free.

Let me embrace you.

For you are that which I crave.

Come to me,

I’ll show you to your grave.”


The sound of her waves crashing against the shore draws me in.

I sit here and stare out at the dull grey sky, fighting this temptation.  Her pull is strong.  But I am stronger.

Author’s Note:

On some days, I’m tempted to give up.  To give in, and let myself drown.  It’s difficult at times, but I endure.  No one said life would be easy.  Take on one obstacle at a time instead of looking at them all with dread.  The day will come when you look back and realize, you scaled mountains.  And you will know the true strength that you had all along.

We all struggle, some more than others.  What do you do, or say to keep going, when you’re on the brink of giving up?

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Author: mynameisdespair


9 thoughts on “The Ocean”

  1. WOW!! That’s some deep shit. I knew how you felt writing that. And Me? I write. I write to see my pain bc I’ve become so numb to it, physically.

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  2. I tell myself that life is a roller coaster full of ups and downs. And at the end you get off and you realize you rode the ride and you survived. Can’t jump off in the middle of it.

    Be accepting of how you feel. Tell yourself it’s okay. It’s ok to be upset. It’s ok to be sad. It’s ok to be happy. It’s ok to be whatever it is you’re feeling. And that tomorrow is another day. Some days are a “just survive” kinda day and other days are “a thrive” kinda day. We all have them.

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    1. Very true, we can’t jump off in the middle. I like the way you put it, as I love roller coasters (The actual rides). Thanks for your response and words. Indeed, we do need to accept our feelings, and of who we are. Tomorrow is another day.

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