Drowning in a sea of despair,

All my hope is gone.

There is no up or down here,

Just an infinite nothing beyond.

Suspended outside of time,

As time passes me by.

Questioning my existence,

Is my life a great lie?

I’m trying to find my way,

Through the murky haze

Of my mind.

But I am lost…

So lost…

Author’s Note:

Sometimes we lose our way, and become lost.  Trying to figure out where to go next, or what to do as the world keeps turning while we feel stuck.  It happens, but we got to keep going because the world won’t stop for us.  However, there’s always someone who will be there with an extended hand to help us up and along the way.  No matter how lost we feel, we need to keep going, because eventually we’ll find our paths.

Have you ever felt so lost, it was like drowning?

Feel free to comment below.


Author: mynameisdespair


8 thoughts on “Lost”

  1. This was very deep. I can definitely relate to feeling lost, and like I was drowning, or being overcome by something without any knowledge if I would be able to overcome it. But you are right, you just have to keep going and hope for the best.

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  2. I’ve been there lots of time and it was not easy, because I always felt distressed and empty. Thanks God, I was able to overcome it and if I ever in my life, feel lost again, I will know how to deal with that feeling more positively.

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