I sat here and waited for you, but you never came.

So I sat alone,

In the sun,

In the rain.

Day and night I waited.

Then one day I finally realized,

You were with me all along.

Right there by my side,

You sat with me.

You are always there,

Though sometimes I forget.

It’s good to have you here with me,

My friend


Author’s Note:

No note today.



In the sun’s golden light, I shine in all my glory.

For I am not like the others in their rich colors.

In the sun’s golden light, I stand tall.

For I am proud of the beauty that comes from within.

I am meant to be different.

I am meant to be me.

I am meant to glow.

Author’s Note:

This was written in response to the Photo Challenge: Glow.  It’s my first one, I hope I did it right…



Trapped in this cage,

Among the ashes of my dreams.

A place of misery,

There’s no escape it seems.

I cry out for help,

But no one hears my screams.

Author’s Note:

Sometimes the prison we are trapped in, is one we’ve built in our heads.  We just need to see that, to escape.

Have you ever felt trapped like this?  Feel free to comment below.


Tree of Life

The tree of life withers and decays, as the light in the distance fades away.

She watches her last sunset, standing in silence.

Tired of all life’s chaos and violence.

The darkness moves in, consuming the land.

Followed by Death extending his hand.

Frost forms on her bark which is scarred and old.

Battered and beaten from the unrelenting cold.

Through her branches, a gentle breeze blows.

As this day now comes to a close.

Without hesitation, she takes Death’s hand.

Together they turn to leave this land.

Leaving behind the chaos and violence.

They walk hand in hand, in complete silence.

The life in the tree has faded away; her hollow husk now stands withered, and decayed.

Author’s Note:

At the time of writing this, I had the idea of this being the moment that hope, or even love dies in someone’s heart leaving a “hollowed husk” behind.  It can be interpreted in a number of ways.

What’s your take, or interpretation?  Feel free to comment below.


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