Leaves on a tree in black and white.

Fractured fragments of my mind floating weightlessly in front of me.

I’ve lost myself a while back living a livid lie.

Searching in vain for something unseen to sustain my sanity.

Hope is lost as I cannot heal this hemorrhage in my head.

An empty shell that echoes of an existence erased.

A broken mind, and a broken man

Is all that’s left of me.

Author’s Note:

Sometimes I feel broken.  More than just the “not working” kind of broken, but the kind where I can’t make sense of any of the pieces, or how to put them back together.


Author: mynameisdespair


12 thoughts on “Broken”

  1. The Japanese use gold to put together broken items if only to highlight how the fractures make us beautiful. Our “brokenness” is our authenticity, our vulnerability, our uniqueness. I have learned to embrace my brokenness.

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  2. Hi!

    I’m always so impressed by how short your poems are and yet can evoke so many emotions. When life gets to me, I like to think about the little things worth living for and how tomorrow is a new day. I can start fresh.

    On a completely different note, I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Here’s a link for more information on my blog if you’re interested in it.

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    1. Thank you! It really means alot to me! That’s a good way to see things!

      Also, thank you very much for the nomination!! I’m honored. I’m not too big on awards and things, just the nomination itself is more than enough for me. Thank you.

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