Broken Dreams

A flower that has fallen from its tree.

In this field of broken dreams,

There lies one that has fallen

so far from home.

Damaged, yet not broken.

Lost, yet not forgotten.

In this field of broken dreams,

There lies one on the verge

Of breaking.

So fragile to the touch.

So precious to the heart.

In this field of broken dreams,

A lone dream screams out

In silent agony.

Suffering quietly.

Dying gracefully.

In this field

Where dreams die,

A lone dream takes its last breath.

In a beautiful graveyard.

A final resting place.

Another dream breaks.

Another dream dies.

Fading from memory,

Only to be lost forever

In this field of broken dreams.

Author’s Note:

We have all had our share of broken dreams, or losing them.  It hurts.  Sometimes they die slowly right before us.  The above is a dream that dies slowly.  Minutes, days, years… The image represents the beauty of the dreams we see.  Not all dreams die though…  Hold onto the ones you have, and you may see them come to pass.


Author: mynameisdespair


12 thoughts on “Broken Dreams”

  1. I like the image used for this poem. It’s a contrast to most of the black and white images you’ve used in your previous poems. Although the poem is about broken dreams, the image gives it color. I associated that with hope as well as in connection to your author’s note.

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  2. This is beautiful. I also admire the color of the flower, surrounded by the dark. It is still bright, like pushed aside dreams. Reminding you ever so often even in times when you doubt yourself, you are beautiful and amazing and strong just like the flower.

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