Hate II

I hate you.

I hate everything you do.

In all that you are,

I hate you through and through.


Staring into your eyes,

Sick of all your lies.

You are the embodiment

Of all that I despise.


You pretend you are fine,

While wasting everyone’s time.

If only they knew

What you’re hiding inside.


You continue to persist,

To find a reason to exist.

You don’t belong here,

Stop trying to resist.


A waste of time and space,

Your presence is a disgrace.

My chest burns unrelenting

When I look into your face.


I hate you.

I hate everything you do.

In all that you are,

I hate you through and through.


I break my gaze free

From the mirror in which I see,

The person that I truly hate.

That person is me.


Hate I – https://mynameisdespair.wordpress.com/2017/10/21/hate/

Author’s Note:

I don’t hate myself.  I want to make that clear.  However, I did for a while in the past.  Since then, I’ve come to accept things for what they are.  I’ve come to accept me for who I am.  I’ve done things I’m not proud of, and made many mistakes.  Instead of hating myself, I accept and learn from them.

Don’t hold on to hate of any kind, lest it burns you alive from the inside out.  Is it worth hating yourself?


Author: mynameisdespair


12 thoughts on “Hate II”

  1. Aside from the content, your poem flows very well and has great rhythm and movement. It pulls the reader in and it doesn’t let go until the end. The ending is also perfect in terms of delivery of the “twist”. Overall, very enjoyable read.

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