A trio of large withered branches before a pale sky.

There is no warmth here.


No refuge, or sanctuary.


There is no hope.


No fighting the storm.


There is no love here.


No companionship.


There is no escape

From this…


Author’s Note:

A simple short piece.


Author: mynameisdespair


7 thoughts on “Cold”

      1. oh… its an anime*embarrassing i know* its called anohana, or the flower we saw that day.
        I guess you could say its not really like most cartoons as it deals with…more “real” things. It is in japanese only though so its more like reading a book than watching a show hehe.
        I am currently watching clannad, seeing how the story progresses. I would also recommend plastic memories as a show that people should watch. I may look stupid and childish but the story deals with much larger things than your normal action sci-fi anime… if you watch it you will see why it hits so close to home and why it fits with your poem so well.

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