Jellyfish in a dark tank.

Waiting for the day that won’t come

Waiting for the light of a dead sun

Waiting for the warmth of your cold embrace

Hold me tight so I can’t see your face


Don’t let go


Waiting for a moment that doesn’t exist

Waiting for the sands of time to desist

From falling ever on into eternity

Lost in the peaceful bliss of misery


Don’t let go


Waiting for the sweet sound of your silent voice

To tell me that I have no other choice

I’m no master of this fantasy

And I have no place in reality

I’ve lost all control

Don’t let me go


Waiting for you to tell me it’s alright

To let me know I can sleep tonight

Waiting for you to tear me apart

Devour my hope and silence my heart

And still I wait

I won’t let go


Author’s Note:

There’s not much to say today.

Author: mynameisdespair


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