That Old Light

From a time that predates time,

Before stars were yet to be;

When loneliness sailed on

Across the great eternal sea,

There was a light that always was,

Always is, and yet to be;

Everlasting flame of old,

Burning brightly for all to see,

But evil hearts of evil men,

Drove out the light wickedly;

And when darkness covers all,

That old light still falls on me.


Author’s Note:

It took a few extra days to get the words right (as well as the patterns – oh, there’s something about them…), as I had originally intended on posting this piece last week.  For example, in the last line, instead of using the word “shines”, I opted for “falls”.  A bit of insight as to why: To me, a light shining on someone would imply that person is worthy of the light, and the light is deliberately shining on the person wherever they may be, whereas a light falling on someone would be falling through whatever might be obstructing that light, to whomever happens to be there, whether or not that person is deserving of it.  Luck?  Coincidence?  Fate?  That’s for you to interpret.


Author: mynameisdespair


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