About Me:

I am currently a single dad still trying to get back on track in life.  I have a wonderful daughter who is the most amazing person!  She keeps me going if nothing else, and is my everything.  Though she brings me happiness and joy, I still deal with with my personal issues.  Depression is a battle I fight daily, and it can be difficult to find motivation for anything at times.  With recent events going on in life, I find myself struggling even through the simplest of tasks.  Despite this this, I enjoy reading and writing among other things.  It wasn’t until a few years ago that I picked up a pencil and started writing.  Simple short stories, letters, and thoughts.  The demands of life, as well as the distractions had continued to pull my attention away from writing, and even reading.

A good friend of mine had suggested to start a blog on this site, and share some of the stuff I’ve written.  My Instagram account can be found here: (mynameisdespair) where I post my photos along with the short pieces I write.  At this time, I do not wish to disclose my identity for personal reasons, but will do so eventually.  One day…

It is my hope that you take some time to read and share my writings, as I wish to continue on this path.

Thank you,


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