I sit here alone

Inside my head is my home

No one else to call my own

It’s all I’ve ever known;

Filled with regret

I try and forget

The memories I’ve set

With actions I beget;

The virtues of violence

Standing in silence

With absolute compliance

No sense of guidance;

Lost in the haze

Of an inescapable maze

I’m caught in a daze

Of past demons I raise;

I try to cry out

I scream and I shout

Caught without a doubt

My body trembles throughout;

I’ve opened the gate

Of malice and hate

A monster I did create

This has become my fate;

I sit here alone

As it’s all I’ve ever known.


Author’s Note:

I sat alone the other night after a party.  Everything felt wrong, and I could not get any sleep.  So I drank until dawn.  I don’t even remember going inside to sleep.  I’ve polished this since then.  Also, I like to rhyme.  I sometimes think that others will find it amateurish, but I don’t care.  It’s my writing.

This one’s about feeling utterly alone and fighting the negative thoughts and guilt that seem to trap one.


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