A chasm of emptiness and

Meaningless existence.

A gaping hole filled with

Purposeless voids.

A deep tunnel to nowhere dug

Without reason.

Wandering aimlessly through

Lands of bleak.

Life not with joy or purpose,

But instead



Author’s Note:

The feeling of emptiness can make everything seem meaningless, and without purpose or reason.  It can make one feel hollow.


In the dead of night you always come to me.  You take many forms but it’s you I see.  Behind their faces, and behind their eyes, trying to hide your presence in your guise.  Yet it’s you I smell and it’s you I breathe.  Though you feel so familiar, I don’t know who you are.  In my dreams I sense you there, so close, yet so far.  We travel across the universe, to the realm beyond shadow.  The time soon comes for you to leave, to a place I cannot go.  I stand alone and think of you, underneath the falling star.

With each day, it comes to an end, as I watch you die again. Opening wounds I cannot mend, the slope of madness I still descend.

Author’s Note:

I don’t know who you are, but I feel you there.



Lost and Forgotten

Tossed out of your life

Dropped on the ground

Stepped on, and spit on

Like garbage disposed

A King deposed

Worms tunnel through

This decomposing body

Left in the dirt

So mercilessly


Now here I lay


Author’s Note:

We’ve all been there.  Made to feel like garbage, or less than nothing.  Perhaps it’s something that’s eating away at us.  Either way, it’s an awful feeling.  However, it’s not permanent.  We’re capable of healing too.

On a side note, I’ve been struggling with this for a while.  More so in recent months.  It hasn’t stopped me though.  Life isn’t easy, but it does have it’s good moments.


Broken Dreams

In this field of broken dreams,

There lies one that has fallen

so far from home.

Damaged, yet not broken.

Lost, yet not forgotten.

In this field of broken dreams,

There lies one on the verge

Of breaking.

So fragile to the touch.

So precious to the heart.

In this field of broken dreams,

A lone dream screams out

In silent agony.

Suffering quietly.

Dying gracefully.

In this field

Where dreams die,

A lone dream takes its last breath.

In a beautiful graveyard.

A final resting place.

Another dream breaks.

Another dream dies.

Fading from memory,

Only to be lost forever

In this field of broken dreams.

Author’s Note:

We have all had our share of broken dreams, or losing them.  It hurts.  Sometimes they die slowly right before us.  The above is a dream that dies slowly.  Minutes, days, years… The image represents the beauty of the dreams we see.  Not all dreams die though…  Hold onto the ones you have, and you may see them come to pass.



Fractured fragments of my mind floating weightlessly in front of me.

I’ve lost myself a while back living a livid lie.

Searching in vain for something unseen to sustain my sanity.

Hope is lost as I cannot heal this hemorrhage in my head.

An empty shell that echoes of an existence erased.

A broken mind, and a broken man

Is all that’s left of me.

Author’s Note:

Sometimes I feel broken.  More than just the “not working” kind of broken, but the kind where I can’t make sense of any of the pieces, or how to put them back together.


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