I stand strong, and I stand tall. But that is all that I’ve let you see. For deep inside, the rot slowly spreads through me. A silent killer, quietly creeping through my veins. Blackened spots start to appear, mottling my skin with sickened stains. Concealing my sickness, and masking the stench. My thirst for life is something I cannot quench. My mind is lost, drifting further each day. Trying to hold it together, as I continue to fray.

Here I am, and here I stand. But it’s taking every effort, you see. For the rot is killing me alive, in my entirety. Ravaging my body, from the inside out. Death is soon approaching, there’s no question, there’s no doubt. You can see something’s wrong, when you look into my eyes. To what extent is what you don’t realize. With a nod and a smile, I tell you that I’m okay.  Yet the rot slowly spreads, as I continue to decay.

Author’s Note:

I don’t know what to say today.  We all struggle with internal issues.  We all hide some things.  Is there something that’s eating away at you?


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