Lost and Forgotten

Tossed out of your life

Dropped on the ground

Stepped on, and spit on

Like garbage disposed

A King deposed

Worms tunnel through

This decomposing body

Left in the dirt

So mercilessly


Now here I lay


Author’s Note:

We’ve all been there.  Made to feel like garbage, or less than nothing.  Perhaps it’s something that’s eating away at us.  Either way, it’s an awful feeling.  However, it’s not permanent.  We’re capable of healing too.

On a side note, I’ve been struggling with this for a while.  More so in recent months.  It hasn’t stopped me though.  Life isn’t easy, but it does have it’s good moments.



The River no longer runs,

Her waters have bled.

The Flowers no longer bloom,

They are withered and dead.

The Sun no longer shines,

Its light has faded away.

The Wind no longer blows,

Leaving nothing to sway.

Cold, dry, and desolate,

A world without life.

All that remains,

Are Cracks in the dirt.

Author’s Note:

Another that can be interpreted in many ways.

What’s your take?  What do you see?


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