1:50 AM

In the midst of silence, there is a thunderstorm of thoughts that rage throughout the mind.  In the quiet of the night, a deafening buzz cannot be suppressed. The world around is engulfed in darkness, but the world unseen is ablaze with fire.  Hopes burn as dreams turn to ash, consumed by the devouring flame of regret. Here, trapped in a twisted maze of dark corridors, as shadows dance throughout.  Everything begins to spin, faster and faster as it becomes a maddening blur of nonsense. Suspended weightlessly watching a world of fantasy collapse upon itself, only to see the fabric of reality behind it crumble as well.  Weightlessness turns into a plunge, toward the depth of this madness. At last, the plunge ends as only emptiness remains. A single light pierces the dark, only to serve as a reminder of those sleepless nights.


Author’s Note:

We’ve all been there, some trapped for longer than others.



A chasm of emptiness and

Meaningless existence.

A gaping hole filled with

Purposeless voids.

A deep tunnel to nowhere dug

Without reason.

Wandering aimlessly through

Lands of bleak.

Life not with joy or purpose,

But instead



Author’s Note:

The feeling of emptiness can make everything seem meaningless, and without purpose or reason.  It can make one feel hollow.


There is no warmth here.


No refuge, or sanctuary.


There is no hope.


No fighting the storm.


There is no love here.


No companionship.


There is no escape

From this…


Author’s Note:

A simple short piece.


A Moment

Standing in silence

At the end of the day.

The sun’s warmth on my face

Slowly fading away.

The darkness creeps in,

A cold breeze follows.

For a moment I forget

What it feels to be hollow.

In this twilight minute,

The world slows to a crawl.

I close my eyes,

Dark thoughts I forestall.

Savoring the moment,

Of peace and serenity.

A relief from the chaos

And pain that’s inside of me.

The moment is forever,

But it passes in an instant.

Like that, it is gone…

But it is worth every minute.

Author’s Note:

Sometimes we just need to take a few minutes to appreciate what’s around us.  Feel the breeze on your face and forget about the world’s problems.  Your problems.  Just savor the moment of being alive.



The River no longer runs,

Her waters have bled.

The Flowers no longer bloom,

They are withered and dead.

The Sun no longer shines,

Its light has faded away.

The Wind no longer blows,

Leaving nothing to sway.

Cold, dry, and desolate,

A world without life.

All that remains,

Are Cracks in the dirt.

Author’s Note:

Another that can be interpreted in many ways.

What’s your take?  What do you see?


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