Remember Me

Will you remember my name when I’m gone?

Or is it just out of reach from the tip of your tongue?

Like a dream that was dreamt many nights ago,

All but forgotten when you try to recall.


Will you remember my face as it was?

From a time before torment and pain took its just cause.

When every smile was genuine and true,

And our eyes saw clear without a hint of doubt.


Will you remember the sound of my voice?

Clear as still water, before it was lost in the noise.

A whisper in your ear when you fell down,

That gave you the strength to rise up yet again.


Will you remember my tender embrace?

When in my arms together the darkness we’d displace.

As your fears would retreat and cease to be,

Like the dark from the light that a new dawn brings.


Will you remember me when I am gone?

Or have I faded away as it’s been far too long?

Like a footprint in the sand that’s washed away,

All that remains are the echoes of what was.


And they too shall fade away.


Author’s Note:

Well, it’s been some time since I published anything here on WordPress.  It feels good to finally put up another piece.  Things have been a bit a bit turbulent for me, and I haven’t put in the time to write as much or post for that matter.  I’m still around though.  Normally I’d have thoughts or elaborate a bit on the above writing here in this “Author’s Note” part, but I might try something new.  Until then, what do you think?



Lost in my musings of you
Feeling you around me
Thoughts floating by
I feel something
Touching my skin
Is it you?
Or memories of you
Passing by
Waiting for me
To catch what I can

You elude me.


Author’s Note:

This piece was written by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous.  These words belong to that person, and I have posted at that person’s request.


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