I’m on the brink of falling apart.  I’m on the edge of madness.  The pressure continues to pile up, as I slowly crack beneath.  The stress becomes overwhelming, making it hard to breathe.  One more stone might be all it takes to send me crashing down.  As strong as I may think I am, I cannot endure alone.  For alone I will break until there is nothing but dust.  You may see a few small stones from where you stand, but stand where I am and tell me what you see.  Each stone is a mountain to each of us underneath.

Despair – Part I

When all hope is lost

And you’re left cold and alone,

The emptiness will consume you,

And I will make you my own.

Unto me you will look, and know I am there.


I will crush your dreams

And I will make you drown,

In anguish and sorrow,

You forever wear my crown.

Unto me you will find, that you cannot break my stare.


You will scream and you will cry

But no one hears your plea,

Begging for mercy,

As you belong to me.

Unto me you will call, for you live in my lair.


Know my name,

For my name is Despair.


Despair Part II – https://mynameisdespair.wordpress.com/2017/10/27/despair-part-ii/

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