Update: October 3, 2018

This month will mark the 1 year anniversary since creating my blog, and I do have to admit that I didn’t expect to make it this far.  However, I am glad that I did.  I would like to share a little about my posting as well as a few things on the future of this blog.

I haven’t posted as much content this year as I had hoped to when I first started.  At that time, I had the goal of 1 – 2 posts a week.  As the demands of life continued to pull my attention away, so did my doubt and at times, my will.  With that, posting became less frequent.  It wasn’t so much not knowing what to write, but not finding the time to sit and do so.  Even when the time was there, stress occupied my mind and I was not able to calm the chaotic thoughts that ran through my head.  There were also many days where I just didn’t feel like it, as I had lost the will to do anything.  Doubt was also another factor, as I doubt myself far too much.  Doubt has killed many potential pieces, not only after they were written, but before I even started.  Because of this, I thought that perhaps I would eventually stop posting altogether and this blog would die.  That wasn’t the case, as I continued to write when able, and posted, however far apart they were.  Which brings us here.

I wish that I could say posting will be more frequent, but the reality is that it’ll likely be about the same as this past year.  Now, I’m not a great writer, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be even slightly good…  But writing helps me relieve a lot of stress, and express the things I would otherwise not know how to.  With that said, I will continue to write and post (hopefully more frequently in the future), so this blog is not going to die anytime soon!


Photos are another area I will be working on.  I am an amateur at best when it comes to photography.  I don’t own a nice camera, as I cannot afford one right now.  All the photos I have taken have been on my phone, and most of my posting has been done from it as well.  Once I can get some extra money, I may invest in a camera as well as a laptop, as typing on the phone can be tedious.  I never thought of myself as a photographer, and had never considered it.  Aside from shots of an interesting place or a nice view, I hadn’t considered taking photos to share with people or purely for the sake of capturing that image.  Sometimes the scene or the photos will inspire a writing piece, other times the piece will inspire a photo.  With that, my interest has sparked.  I hope to capture the feeling that my writing pieces invoke in the form of photos, as well as the hidden beauty in an otherwise dreary shot.

Up until now, I’ve done almost everything on my phone, photo editing included.  Earlier this week, I made the startling discovery that the watermark app I had been using was lowering the resolution of my shots almost 4x.  I have these images available for personal use (if anyone actually likes them) in the Photo Gallery page on my blog.  While the original resolution isn’t the greatest, I still want to provide the best quality that I can.  Period.  So in the coming days/weeks, I will be re-uploading my photos at their original quality, to their respective posts and the Photo Gallery page.  As for the watermark, I will no longer be using an app, but instead apply my own handwriting using GIMP (thank goodness for freeware!) to these and all future photos for a more personalized touch!

In time I would like to expand my blog and eventually get my own domain name, not to mention publish better content.  My stuff isn’t exactly the greatest, so I’ll have room to improve.  That will come later though.  For now, I would like to sincerely thank everyone who’s supported me thus far.  I don’t have a large audience which is fine, but I do appreciate anyone and everyone who’s taken the time to read the things I’ve posted, and those who have offered encouraging words.

Thank you very much!


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